Yvonne & Sally's Story

Yvonne & Sally's Story


We’re now both based in Christian community, where we ask questions, learn more about Christ and the plans he has for us.

Growing up in Kenya alongside my sister and two brothers, I had always considered myself a Christian. But as the invitation to Alpha by my church was explained one Sunday, I realised I had questions. The concept of Alpha intrigued me. Culturally I think it’s something Kenyan's have grown up with, with their parents taking them to church and being taught not to ask or question anything.

But this time was different. Alpha was the chance to learn about Jesus and God on my own terms. The free dinner each week also helped, and after giving it a go the first week I excitedly found myself booked for the next twelve Wednesday evenings.

I had always considered myself a Christian but had never gone deeper into my faith. Until now.

My initial expectation was that it would be a crash course to Christianity. I arrived with a pen and paper in hand thinking it would be much like school or another church course, but what I experienced was something completely different.

It was so natural, with the focus on community, exploring together without any pressure on me. It was a great place to ask questions and to seek answers together. What I loved most was how candid everyone was, it's rare to have people talk so openly about life and the challenges we all go through. Around the table were people from totally different walks of life, but all of us were curious to learn more. It made me hungrier to experience Jesus and to finally find a faith that was my own, not my parents.

There was no condemnation, it was judgement free, just candid refreshing conversations with other people, their thoughts, their questions and their answers.


After Alpha, my spiritual life has taken great leaps, I decided to take up more roles within my church. Going to church is no longer a chore. Six months ago, my mum would tell me, “we need to go to church!” trying as hard as she could to persuade me, it's now a place I delight in.

I would describe Alpha as the catalyst to the deeper levels of my faith and the reason I'm now rooted in community, I don't feel alone in this world anymore. I am grateful for the experience and hope many other people can experience it across Kenya. 

Alpha hasn’t just changed my life, but also my sister's - Sally.

My sister Yvonne started to disappear somewhere every Wednesday night without fail and couldn’t stop talking about this thing called Alpha. Not just talking, she raved about it. It got my interest and a few weeks later I found myself experiencing Alpha.

It was incredible! Alpha brought me closer to Christ and gave me that extra push to explore my relationship with God and renew my faith. At my own pace with no pressure. I now feel part of a community. I spend more time in church compared to six months ago, when I would simply get in and out as quick as possible.


I couldn’t recommend Alpha more. It has totally shaped my faith. I tell my friends to try Alpha, because it helps change things within you, you open up, you rediscover or even discover for the first time the grace of God. Every day I renew my relationship with Him, I learn new things, I remember what He has already done in mine and my sister's life.

Both Yvonne and I are now based in Nairobi, my sister working as a Doctor and me as a Lawyer. We’re both rooted in Christian community seven days a week, inside and out the walls of the church, where we continually ask questions and learn more about Christ and the plans he has for us.


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