Peter's Story

Peter's Story

Nairobi, Kenya

I quickly realised this wasn’t another course, but a space to explore for myself

I grew up in western Kenya and moved to Nairobi to study. I used to call myself a Christian, but my actions and lifestyle didn’t reflect it. In 2016 I revaluated my faith. I knew it was time for a change and I was hungry to know more about this person I had been taught to follow my whole life. With that, a hunger to have a personal knowledge of Jesus grew. Settling for what I had been taught by others was no longer an option.

As I tried to make sense of my faith, I saw an advert for a job at All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi. I thought there was no better place to develop my understanding of the Christian faith. I got the job but didn’t find the answers where I thought I would. The answers were not in my work or the physical building. I found answers in something that happened each week.

Part of my role was setting up chairs, food and the computer equipment for the various courses taking place at the Cathedral. One of these ‘courses’ stood out. I was surprised by the community being built each week and I quickly found myself as a guest on the next Alpha. It was unlike any course I had done before.


I quickly realised this wasn’t a course but a space to explore for myself and make lifelong friends. I became less shy with each interaction I had. I was full of life, as I became comfortable to share my thoughts. My excitement grew each week as I learned more. Alpha gave me the lasting community which I desperately needed, but I also got a deeper interpretation of what I had been hearing all of my life. It was a cure for my hunger for a deeper faith.

When the Alpha I was a part of came to an end, I had a strong conviction to give everyone I knew the same experience. I asked the leadership if I could get more involved. After some training, the following term I led an Alpha small group, and I haven’t looked back. My neighbours, friends and my sister have now gone through Alpha at All Saints Cathedral. Their lives have also changed as a result, while I am also continually being shaped as I serve on Alpha.

While leading the small group I felt led to ask two specific individuals for forgiveness. I hadn’t spoken to my parents properly in a number of years. I also hadn’t opened up to share anything with them. I took the aspects of forgiveness I learnt on Alpha and then put them into practice with my parents. I asked for forgiveness and opened up to them. To my surprise they had forgiven me a long time ago, I was welcomed back with open arms.  The love and joy I experienced on Alpha, I was now experiencing outside the walls of church, each day of my life.


I learnt my purpose through Alpha. I was shy and feared sharing my faith. I now serve in church, reading at the front on a Sunday and telling others about my faith openly. I have embraced my purpose to serve and to reach others for the gospel.

Alpha is a tool to help enrich your life; it will strengthen your relationship with Jesus. I want to see everyone try Alpha and have the same life changing experience I had.

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Peter's Story

Peter's Story

“I quickly realised this wasn’t another course but a space to explore for myself.”

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