A Message from our Board Chair

A Message from our Board Chair

Alpha Kenya

We have witnessed a spectacular growth in numbers of guests as well as in institutions running Alpha.

Jesus was moved by compassion and so should we be. While it might not be easy to model his example, we can build on strong relationships that would enable us to have a wider impact on the spiritually needy around us.  It is these relationships that open doors to more opportunities for ministry at Alpha.

Personally, I came to chair the Board of Alpha Kenya in 2006 through a relationship with and an encouragement from Tricia Neil, the President of Alpha International.

Through a relationship with her, I developed friendships with a wider network of people. Building on these relationships, I was able, later on, to identify the right people to bring on to the Board of Alpha Kenya Trust.

From those early days when our National Alpha Office (NAO) was set up, to these present times when most churches are now familiar with Alpha, many lives have been touched by the Gospel through Alpha.

A network of young volunteers, motivated by a desire to see their generation transformed by the Gospel, and encouraged by a close relationship with the NAO, quickly became the driving force of the ministry of Alpha.

Working in close partnership with local churches, the NAO has been able to take Alpha to hitherto unreached places and peoples. In two areas in particular – prisons and schools – we have witnessed a spectacular growth in numbers of guests as well as in institutions running Alpha.

Thanks to the recognition by the Government of the value of Jesus through Alpha in helping to transform lives, the doors of all the prisons and schools in the country, have been opened to Alpha.

At the heart of it all has been one common thread: relationships – with church leaders, community leaders, representatives of non-governmental organizations, prisons chaplains and other strategic leaders. 

As we continue to train leaders and communities to run Alpha, we look forward to forging more solid partnerships in the areas of prayer support, networking and financial support, based on clear and sustained relationships. This is what will propel us to the next level.

Moved with compassion, Jesus reached out and touched him.
— Mark 1:41

By Steven Odera, Alpha Kenya National Board Chairman

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