Mission Work Adventures

Mission Work Adventures

Mombasa, Kenya

...we could never forget the way God had come through for us

One day, on one of the many mission trips, we were driving down to Mombasa, a distance of 500 kilometres from Nairobi, when our vehicle broke down.  As things would have it, the spot where this happened was within the world famous Tsavo National Park and a few metres from the historical sight known as the Man Eaters Gate because during the building of the railway, marauding lions used to attack the labourers. 

A little later, a truck driver came by and realizing how dangerous the area where we had stopped was, helped tow our car to the next town. The search for a new timing belt was quite a challenge but miraculously, word went around and we heard that a shop owner who had closed his business three months earlier had kept some spare parts at his home including a timing belt.

The Alpha training in Mombasa went well with many young people turning to Christ as their Lord and Saviour. However, we could never forget the way God had come through for us, providing protection and the required spare part in a desolate part of the country.

By Richard, Regional Alpha Coordinator

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