Lucia's Story

Lucia's Story


She is encouraged spiritually and has the energy to move on.

Lucia Njoki, 78, has 8 children of whom only 2 are still alive. The last born is 32 years and mentally challenged. Lucia has to bathe and feed him despite her ageing body and poor medical state. She lives with four orphaned grandchildren left behind by her children. As a way of escape from her many problems, Lucia found solace in evil thoughts. She strongly believed that God had forsaken her.

When she joined the KARIKA group and tried Alpha, Lucia experienced God’s peace through Philippians 4:4 – ‘Rejoice in the Lord always.’ In her own words,  she said: “This verse calmed my heart because God called me for eternal life not for problems of this world.”

Her stay in KARIKA has benefited her tremendously, for she is encouraged spiritually and has the energy to move on.  Since accepting Christ as her Lord and Saviour, her health has greatly improved especially as those evil thoughts no longer haunt her. She is grateful to be a proud owner of a Bible given to her at Alpha.

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