Vibrant and Bold

Vibrant and Bold

Nairobi, Kenya

I have seen many lives transformed and that has actually changed the way I view life.

Goretti Muluka is one of Alpha Kenya’s earliest Volunteers; she has been consistent both in her service with Alpha as well as her Spiritual growth. A once extremely shy girl has evolved to be a very vibrant and focused individual, bold enough to further Alpha's ministry in Kenya as a master trainer even as she continues to run Alpha – Youth both in her church and the schools around her locality. This is her story:

My name is Goretti Muluka and I am a volunteer at Alpha Kenya. The first time I tried Alpha was in 2005, having been invited by a friend. It was then that I fell in love with Alpha and immediately started volunteering. I then got involved in running Alpha the following year at Kabete Rehabilitation Centre, which is a juvenile corrective institution for boys in the outskirts of Nairobi. At first it was a challenging for me as I wasn't used to such an environment, but after a while, I came to really love running Alpha there.

It has now been eight years since I first ran Alpha, but my love and passion for the work of God through Alpha feels just as fresh as when I did it back then. Alpha has surely become a major part of my life.

Through Alpha, I have been able to develop my leadership skills and have also gained the courage to overcome the shyness that was previously part of my character. I can now confidently address any meeting, whether giving a talk or even conducting training at Alpha.

Through Alpha I have learned how to interact with people of different age groups and social backgrounds which I think is very important for a Christian as it helps in sharing the good news of Christ.

Being a volunteer in Alpha has not only made it possible for me to fulfil the great commission but also kept my Christian walk in check. From the time I started until today, I have seen many lives transformed and that has actually changed the way I view life. For those that have never tried Alpha, I highly recommend giving it a go!

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