Looking Back Over Life at Alpha

Looking Back Over Life at Alpha

National Alpha Youth Coordinator for Kenya

This was one place where I could talk about my faith without fear, ask questions and get to interact with many young people.

My name is John Odhiambo, and I am the current National Alpha Youth Coordinator for Kenya.  I am married to Esther, a journey we started together in August 2011. God has since then blessed us with a lovely daughter called Aviella who is one and a half years old. I am so grateful to God for everything every blessing that has come my way, including the opportunity to discover and serve with Alpha. 

I have found great joy in serving God throughout the time I have been born again. Serving in the youth ministry is my primary calling and I strive to pursue that with every fibre of my being. Before joining Alpha, I served in my local church for about five years as a Sunday school teacher for teenagers and also as a worship leader. During this same period, I was serving with a Youth Ministry Team based in Nairobi for a period of more than 10 years. My focus was reaching the youth at all levels of learning institutions from elementary to tertiary; I also had a passion to reach the youth in informal settlements around the country.

I was first recruited as a volunteer at an Alpha conference, which I really enjoyed even though I was left with a lot of questions. After that conference, many of my friends and I were invited to try Alpha which we gladly did, especially with the prospect of the delicious food that we would be served with. It was during this time that I learned about Alpha, got most of the questions in my mind answered and actually resolved to continue serving with the youth ministry in the newly found context that is Alpha.

Serving in Alpha has helped me to demystify my faith. I had the perfect opportunity to justify what I believed in and also adopted the simplest way to share my faith with many who had not had the opportunity before. I loved the discussions and the informal atmosphere during the sessions. This was one place where I could talk about my faith without fear, ask questions and get to interact with many young people.

I love what I am doing in Alpha and genuinely feel that I can do it for the rest of my life. I have seen young people transformed, be born again and restored to meaningful life through Jesus at Alpha.  For now, I look forward to a greater future with Alpha, God willing. I still feel there is a lot yet to be done and it is for this reason that I am motivated to continue serving.

My encouragement to my fellow volunteers is that when you find the reason to live, ask God to reveal to you the context in which you should live it – and do it joyfully.

By John Odhiambo

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