Jackline's Story

Jackline's Story

Jackline Mokeira, Kibera

The days before I tried Alpha, my life was not complete.

The days before I tried Alpha, my life was not complete. I was a drug addict, and even entered into relationships which made me sexually active. Back then I could not become a Christian because Christians are not allowed to have sex before marriage. My friends and I would sneak out of school at night; go to the market place to have fun in the clubs until just before the morning bell.

My mother struggled as a single parent to take me to school to help my family. One day, my desk mate started preaching to me when I was about to sit for my O level exams in high school. That day I knew that there is somebody who died for me on the cross and was sent by His Father to do so, so that my sins could be forgiven. Until this time, I had never allowed God to be part of my life. When I had cleared my high school, life started changing because my friends were no more.

One day, a friend to my mother told me to try Alpha. I never wanted to but only tried so that I could make my mother happy. Jesus, through Alpha, has changed me a lot. I gave my entire life to Christ and know that I am now God’s child. Since the day I tried Alpha, my life turned to a new page.

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